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Shenzhen, a new exciting

In the afternoon of September 21, 2011, Long Gang District, held in the University Game Center Stadium, Long Gang Division of the University Game awards ceremony concluded, "I, as the stadium, one of the builders of the Long Gang Division also attended the commendation.

The mayor of Shenzhen Qin Xu attended the recognition of the General Assembly, he stressed: to vigorously carry forward the spirit of the University Game, careful planning article "after the University Game University Game in organizing and conducting the process of the formation of the good experiences and good practices systematic, standardized, institutionalized actively promote the work. Also fully affirmed the outstanding contributions of the Long Gang Division successfully held for the University Game, Qin Xu would also like to thank those unsung builders to contribute to building a first-class venues are also mentioned, it is these builders the tight schedule, the task heavy, race against time to build a the Long Gang Division first-class venues, laid a good foundation for the success of the University Game held.

Qin Xu: Lastly, I hope we would like to take the University Game’s eastern wind to further speed up the construction of sophisticated international city. "Shenzhen quality standards”, the connotation and grade of the city of Shenzhen, is elevated to a new level. The University Game organizing and conducting the process shone forth great enthusiasm and energy which used a realistic working.

The Long Gang District Construction Works held on the morning of September 23, the 26th World University Game in Shenzhen Long Gang Division venue construction awards ceremony concluded. (The following picture shows the general manager Yaofu Chen awards ceremony to speak)


general manager Yaofu Chen awards ceremony to speak

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