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Interior Design and Taoist philosophy

Introduction: extravagant this is not a good habit, as an interior designer, an obligation to owners of high-quality, high-grade living and working environment, rather than the pursuit of mercenary machine. So, I think interior design can also be natural, natural matter, the harmony between man and nature, endless, and this in the Taoist philosophy can get one by one should permit.

Interior designs pay attention to the law in natural

I wrote this to say: "Everything is the beginning of life, the most natural is the most beautiful, do not deliberately classic inadvertently revealing Do not give up thinking, in pain and pleasure at the thought of my design motto growth. "Taoist pay attention to nature, Dawson a one two, two three, three things, but push it, all things are natural, nature everything but by the law of Evolution Road, so we are also part of the nature. Some time ago read Inamori’s "living law" also has feelings, the will of the universe, he said so many things benevolent development, but also in the right direction with this logic which can be judged. All in the right direction is to develop naturally. Conform to the natural right direction. On the contrary will be the opposite - the. While there may be a moment of fun, but seems to be no benefit in the long run. So, I prefer natural design, the luxury is also possible, but should be appropriate. Luxury deliberately is a luxury, luxury deliberately is extravagance and extravagant, go to development is necessary to go to the other extreme. Chinese and foreign history, there are plenty of examples, such as the end of the period of the Chinese Shang Dynasty, King Zhou profusion, pleasure-seeking excesses, once "Food and Money Monographs" - that is, the garden opened a sewer is filled with wine, to drink at any time, meat hanging in the trees, in order to enjoy a meal at any time, extravagance, and finally led to the subjugation. Louis XIV of France early Italian Baroque "the incoming French court, deliberately formed a Rococo palace luxury style. After Louis XIV, XV, two generations of highly respected, the wasteful custom increasingly dignified, to Louis XVI early in the extreme. Louis XVI came to power soon unstable regimes, although he also made a lot of coup to overthrow the Rococo dissolute, extravagant Art Nouveau, classical, etc. to return to the building to do some reforms, but also failed to eradicate the previous two generations of emperors buried extravagant seeds, pushed by the people of France to the guillotine. Generation dynasty ended this way. It is also consistent with the laws of nature. Sometimes I also think that in the design of these designers like the Palace of Versailles is also this dynasty to perish acceleration machine?

Interior design focus inaction proper way

"Said long inaction were all" a famous Taoist, see Chapter 37 of the "Lao Zi" Road, looks inaction, actual Nothing in the world is not what it does not intervene, the only control their own desires, the heart practice to nothingness , can make a difference.

Lao Zi say "yes or no" likewise this view, "all things are born, not born, Lao Zi great emphasis on no, no realm, sometimes, like in our design, "No" well, to achieve the ultimate, really "" Yes ", the range of material, stuffing, designed to shape too much neglect" no "because we are too focused on the design, I give up designed to make the purpose of the design is blind. Pursuit of "balance, peace" is the more important part of the design concept. Sometimes we do the design often a wall decoration how gorgeous, how bright spots painstaking, made out of perhaps dazzling the eyes of the owners does light up, but the real you think about it, we are designed to do for a living, the owners can you design environment shines, two bright, or three bright, bright one, two, three years, so that a decade or two? Actually do "no" can be a long with "a yes" to do. It is designed to withstand scrutiny and not confined to a fascination with the style; use of superficial layer is still "no domain" design the concept is not exactly this interpretation?

Interior Design and Taoist aesthetic point of view

"Lao Zi" Chapter II once said, "the people of the world know a thing of beauty, not a thing of beauty it is therefore apparent, everyone understand that good things are good, it also exposed the poor side, therefore, with no interdependence, tough and easy to Aioi show each other long and short, high and each other under the financial package, sound and sound and harmony with each other before and after each other to yield. ", sage act in accordance with the principle of" doing nothing " , the implementation of "nothing" tragic, but all things natural rise not to founding, they grow and not for himself, to make a difference and can not count on energy, meritorious achievement not claim credit for complacency, by not claim credit, Therefore there would be no achievements elimination.

I think this post just like to do my design direction, is a philosophical dialectics, guide the life of revelation. We are engaged in design work itself is to create a better job, but everyone has a different quest for beauty, "Lao Zi" is precisely tell us how to distinguish between beauty and ugliness, good and evil flexibility in the use of such flexible aesthetic but also to change into rich touch and insights. Ancient times there was a king of Chu slender waist, and this woman is like, and the palace to meet the king of the human aesthetic, there is a lot of the Princess does not eat and starve to death. Today "lose weight" is a major trend, our television, newspapers, Internet and other media on an endless stream of weight loss ads, but "fast" really so hateful it? Northern Song Dynasty writer Dongpo Su said: "The short length Feishou respective testimonies, who would abomination Yuhuan and Feiyan?", Yuhuan Yang in Feng Yun Fat Ze brilliant, Feiyan Zhao displayed in the lightweight charm, two of her nature to show the self-style, and who can say what the United States, whichever is ugly? Today, more people "lose weight". "Downsizing" became an addiction cause various diseases, which are the pursuit of beauty to become ugly results.

Beauty should be moderate, too much will also have a negative effect. Mr. Huaijin Nan in his book, "Lao Zi he says have lifted up the calendar, the Ming Dynasty painter Yunlin Ni beauty, love clean, with the words of the United States got a little older, he used four treasures of the study, have a daily two administered by the hand, ready to wipe the plane trees in the courtyard, sooner or later sent every day fetching water and cleaned, results, abruptly plane trees clean dead.

Lao Zi speak aesthetic to a flexible design is either feelings like than the Chinese courtyard with rocks, rocks ugliness of the United States, the ugliest is where the beauty. "The great straight song" Lao Zi dialectics, "knowing too much", "the most delicate humble", "big like invisible." My Favorite Song Dynasty calligrapher Tingjian Huang proposed calligraphy should be "humble than the clever" argument, fully embodies his calligraphic works of Lao Zi flexible aesthetic.

Interior design combined with Taoist philosophy

"Lao Zi" Chapter VIII said: the world is good, is the noblest character, watery, water good and beneficial things in the world, without having to compete for fame, in men, and aversion to the low-lying areas, so the closest in the Road living good at select areas, cardio graphic good deep silence, quiet, others are good at honest and caring, talking pay attention to credit Politicians are good at cleaning our own being, doing things good talent, good at action to seize the opportunity, because they do not dispute, it is not at fault.

Lao Zi play to the realm of life, cosmology understood from the awareness of the water, so it is not difficult to find from his understanding and applied to the design concept, sometimes we have been sweat the pace of progress, no time to stop down and think we are engaged in the end is what kind of industry you ever wondered why do the design? Why people do that kind of design? I engaged in the design twelve years, the past two years, more and more feel to do design, designer charm, which is always work to create beauty, to create beauty at the same time we should have a better state of mind, healthy mentality, continue to supplement and improve themselves, the only noble character can make a better design.

Spend good is like the heart to do the design, to serve your customers, your life healthy way to go, it will avoid the chaotic worlds disoriented. (Anonymous)