workflow guidelines

Supervision Processes

  1. The formation of project supervision team begin the process of the supervision.
  2. Understanding of project characteristics and requirements, as well as the construction site situation.
  3. Commissioner in the preparation of the project plan and implementation details.
  4. Project supervision in accordance with the project plan and implementation details, regular on-site inspections, follow-up supervision.
  5. In accordance with ISO9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18000 certification system program requirements, does not comply with the procedures set the deadline for the rectification notice.
  6. Project Division items do not meet the requirements of the period "rectification notice" in-depth investigation to analyze the reasons put forward the feasibility of corrective measures and preventive measures, the implementation of staff deadline for correction.
  7. Project supervision tracks and inspects the rectification process, and the results of the verification and record keeping.
  8. Found on project supervision does not meet the items in the statistical analysis of data processing depth analysis of the reasons for the higher frequency of non-conformity, proposed preventive measures to ensure project quality, safety, duration of the examination goal, customer satisfaction.