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How do you charge a fee?

The fees charged are divided into design fees and engineering fees; design fee standards differ according to the different and difficult to design different overall range of 90-200 Yuan/square.

What is included in the design?

According to your needs, our design will be slightly different. It usually includes layout, ceiling layout, elevation plan, node bulk sample distribution system as well as the main part of the renderings.

Also according to your needs, production to the drainage system, air conditioning systems, fire systems, security systems, central radio system, attendance system, steel and other programs.

We will accord to the design program will produce a detailed renovation of the bill of materials; the list contains the main materials used in the project brand, size, and model schedule.

After the completion of the project, is there any warranty or not?

When the project is completed, we will provide you with a warranty card issued for a term of two years.

When you have any questions, please call the customer service hotline on the warranty card, we will go to the scene within 24 hours.

Assuming the engineering quality problems, how to deal with it?

Designer in charge of the construction site will deal with it all on the construction site design changes and confirmation of the follow-up work. Engineering quality problems found in the construction process handled by the on-site project management personnel in a timely manner, and timely adjustments in each stage of acceptance. Make sure that the quality of the project to meet the state's standards.

Construction's selected materials are real wood and real material?

Construction materials, material form and material model determined according to the parties responsible for the harmonization of procurement by the Department of Materials. The main decoration materials in the construction of a model are to go through your determination and sealed samples of the materials used to make your peace of mind by formal channels of manufacturers to provide cost-effective quality products.

In the design, the construction process, if I have any questions, who can be found to deal with them?

In addition to the normal arrangement design department responsible for the project and the project manager is responsible for the entire design and construction aspects of the work throughout the design and construction process, we also special arrangements for tracking personnel; regardless of the progress of work which links have any questions, at any time to find us, we will help customers deal with all internal coordination problems; If you are not satisfied with our work, you can always call the Telephone complaints within 24 hours, we will give you a satisfactory answer.

Can I visit your on-site or completed works?

Yes, of course. We can always take you to visit the site we are building; you can go visit the project has been completed.

Your project budget and final accounts are not so big difference, during which is there no change?

In the design phase, we design and project budget is doing more standardized and detailed. But also more comprehensive, in principle, there are no major omissions. As long as the design is not much change in the construction process, the project budget and final accounts are almost equal. You will not be asked to do unreasonable additional items in the middle, because we always adhere to win customers with our sincere and hard service.