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Guangzhou NEVER LAND arcade City Decoration completion of the project

Congratulate NEVER LAND arcade City is located in the Guangzhou University City decoration project was completed, video City Investment and Development by HNA Group South, are Asia's largest gaming city project, the project's total construction area of 10,000 square meters. Gaming site audit acceptance and has been put into commercial operation.

In the NEVER LAND game city decoration construction process, the Party of the Division I showed professionalism and virtuosity to be a full recognition; It also expressed itss intention to long-term cooperation.

Guangzhou NEVER LAND gaming city is one of the Division I in the entertainment space decoration works of decorative items. It covers numerous disciplines gaming entertainment, recommended a leisure, entertainment and a great place. "NEVER LAND" taken from the well-known novel Peter Pan the hero living in a dream world, according to the legend, it is a joyful, the innocence of Never Land.

The scenes after the completion are






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