workflow guidelines

Construction Processes

  1. Project pre-construction preparation
    1. Set up a project department, featuring projects; the national project manager is responsible for them.
    2. Digestion bidding documents, construction contracts, for construction permits and fire reported that construction procedures
    3. On site survey, familiar with the project, study the drawings, the beginning of drawing reviewing
    4. Start quality, duration, safety, environmental objectives; control the preparation of the program and audit.
    5. Erection of temporary facilities, leveling; implementation of personnel, materials, capital requirements.
    6. Determine the engineering major and difficult, the preparation and audit Construction Organization Design.
    7. Decomposition of the project under construction organization design, the organization construction team training, the completion of technical tests.
  2. Project construction phase
    1. The approach in accordance with the Construction Organization Design, the first batch of personnel, equipment, complete the on-site inspection, put down the line
      • Material for examination, procurement, inspection, storage and submission; custom processing materials for examination.
    2. Scientific regular routine and each stage of the process control, self-test, mutual inspection and handover inspection, strict enhance process control.
    3. The preparation and processing of various types of project contact list, in the final retention file.
    4. The progress of the project and engineering payments statistics, prepared for examination.
    5. Quality, duration, safety, environmental protection and various assessment objectives to check and correct.
  3. Project completion for examination
    1. The self-examination, professional team to complete the cleaning work, commissioning and trimming.
    2. Project organized by the Ministry to complete the initial inspection of the sub-project's internal quality control.
    3. Organize and complete the re-inspection of Engineering Department and Supervision Department, implement to rectify those parts which are not meeting the requirements.
    4. Finishing engineering data, drawn-built drawings, preparation of project summary.
    5. Prepare and submit the final acceptance report, with the relevant departments for the completion and acceptance.
    6. For site handover, the transfer of project files, submit WORK settlement.
    7. Enter the warranty maintenance processes