workflow guidelines

Business Processes

Discuss and design stages

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  2. Business executives in touch with you to understand your business needs.
  3. Arrangements for senior designers, engineers survey the scene, detailed grasp of the project requirements and specific content.
  4. To both sides to reach agreement, given by the customer decoration design power of attorney, we will further accord to customer requirements, the country experienced professional designers to submit you a professional, personalized design. Customer to provide us with information intends to adopt, fire, air conditioning equipment, to coincide with the design.
  5. Design your identity, and then you develop further the project's design-related information to deepen the drawings and project budget book, submit design information in phases, until the completion of all the work of the design phase.
  6. Decoration and construction of the project intention to negotiate further with our company, our staff will be further consultation with you, decoration contract (the progress of the construction phase).

The construction phase

  1. Arrange the national project manager set up the project team, has overall responsibility for the quality, safety, engineering, construction organization plan to develop a detailed.
    • Competent managers carry out weekly inspections
    • Supervision Department full supervision
  2. Arrangements started to be built with the work
  3. Arrangements for technical tests and the issues of the implementation of the arrangements for the Department of Design and technical staff of the Ministry of admission in order to promptly resolve design and technical problems in the construction.
  4. Implement the quality, safety and occupational health management system program.
    • ISO 9001 Quality management systems
    • ISO 14001 environmental management systems
    • OHSAS 18001 Occupational Healths and Safety Management System
  5. The implementation of each stage of the process of self-test, the initial inspection and inspection work.
  6. Third-party environmental testing organization for testing.
  7. Project completion and delivery.
  8. Engineering Department is to provide efficient, timely maintenance support (maintenance phase).
  9. During the warranty period, regular visits to accept all kinds of engineering Warranty maintenance complaints (into the maintenance process).
  10. The construction phase throughout the representatives of the person in charge of the company, the tracking company supervisors and customer service professionals, and timely follow up on customer complaints opinions processing, and customer satisfaction surveys (see customer complaint handling process).