service commitments

Service Commitments

Shenzhen Conran Decoration Design Engineering Co. Ltd is located in the decoration industry in the high-level market, the main business objects for decorative design and decoration of hotels, office buildings, shopping malls, restaurants and public buildings, renovation construction.

Compared with many other decorative enterprises, Shenzhen Conran Decoration Design Engineering Co. Ltd has two unique major aspects:

  • Decoration projects are not outsourcing. They are all self-built. This can reduce the risk of various aspects.
  • Company personnel are available, professional focus, timely, efficient solution to project the various problems encountered in the design or construction phase; strengthen efforts to control for the quality and duration of the decoration project provides powerful safeguard.

We are committed to

  • To grasp every project you make your customers need to ensure the quality of the design, to ensure the quality of the project.
  • Focus on every detail, striving for quality engineering attitude towards each project.
  • Pay attention to every customer, positive change in thinking, regardless of design or construction, the pursuit of customer satisfaction maximize.
  • Control of every process, promotion of new materials, new technologies, new technology, and striving to set an example for decoration industry hundred.

Quality management objectives (ISO 9001)

Contract, keeping promises, ensure quality, duration.

  • A one-time inspection passing rate is more than 85% and engineering passing rate is 100%.
  • Customer satisfaction rate of more than 85%.
  • Major accident is none.

Environmental management objectives (ISO 14001)

Scientific construction, response and practice energy conservation policy.

  • Create a civilization, environmental protection, management and orderly construction site.
  • Reduce solid waste to avoid the leakage of toxic substances.
  • Reduce energy consumption, reduce material consumption, and actively promote green.

Occupational health and safety management objectives (OHSAS 18001)

Strengthen the humane care, and the implementation of occupational health and safety management objectives:

  • Create a safe and healthy working environment for employees.
  • The elimination of the major casualties.
  • The elimination of fire accidents, hazardous chemicals poisoning, food poisoning.
  • Reduce occupational diseases.