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We play a strong voice at the annual meeting gathered noble friend concerted

In the afternoon of January 22, 2010, Shenzhen C.S.C Decoration Design Engineering Co. Ltd in Futian District, Ya-Feng International Hotel held a grand year-end summary of commendation from more than 20 branches all over the country, the head of the office and the leadership of guests of more than 300 people attended the meeting, Mr. Yaofu Chen, general manager of the company, made a speech "sincere progressive, and co-win-win" 2009 Report and 2010 Work Plan.

Mr. Yaofu Chen, general manager of the company, making a speech

General Manager Chen pointed out in the report, in 2009, for the global economy is entering the new century decade since the financial turmoil is the most difficult, the greatest risk year, 2009 also coincided with the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, a very unusual year. Under the joint efforts of the staff, in the face of the financial crisis, through thick and thin, to sail against the wind, concerted efforts to maintain growth, win-win cooperation to create brilliant! Inherited the strong momentum of development in 2008, this year over the completion of the indicators drawn up at the beginning of the year, once again the proud new achievements, Shenzhen C.S.C Decoration Design Engineering Co. Ltd of the take-off for the prosperity of the industry for the country and the contribution to the community and write a new chapter!

According to reports, Shenzhen C.S.C Decoration Design Engineering Co. Ltd signed a project contract in 2009, a total of more than 11 billion output value of 10 billion, an increase of 30% over the same period last year, earnings increased by 28% over the same period last year. Completed a number of large and influential high-end projects, such as: Jiangsu Dingli International Hotel, Royal Garden Hotel in Haikou Visun Erice, Tianjin Baili Hengda Hotel, Vientiane City Central Department Store, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, post a public hospital Building, Beijing Moon River Hot Springs Museum and club, Zhengzhou Yihe Hospital, Yixing, Jiangsu Province Zhang Chu Hotel, Guangzhou and Thai Square, Lanzhou Post office building, Ningxia Shizuishan government, Floor, Hefei East China Sea, Shaanxi Shenzhou Hotel, Qingdao Baolong park Shanghai Overseas Chinese Town, Huizhou Rainbow, Rainbow Department of International Trade, Shenzhen Longines Peninsula decoration works; nurture and large number of experienced excellent project manager, such as: Jia Long, Guiguang Zhang Weibing Wang Jianquan Gao, and so on. Harder for value is the desire of the company's business out of the country has been achieved. In Ghana, Africa we last year undertook a nearly $ 20 million power plant decoration work, and now has organized approach.

Operating in the market in 2009, Shenzhen C.S.C Decoration Design Engineering Co. Ltd in the country, second-tier cities basically completed the strategic layout of the market momentum of development of all branches of steady progress, regional performance surrounded by flying to success Herald. In brand building, the company has three projects won the City of gifted Award, two Shenzhen gifted, a Dongguan City gifted Award, design and construction company in Dongguan Di Hao Garden Hotel Royal club decoration works all the way from the city won the excellent start singing, the series won the provincial excellent Building Decoration Engineering Award and the National Award for outstanding architectural decoration works. Zhuhai Chang An Holiday Inn won the "2009 China Urban Construction Ten high-quality model project"; won the "National decorative hundred enterprises" and the national decoration industry credit rating "AAA unit" for four consecutive years, these honors are an objective reflection of Shenzhen of C.S.C Decoration Design Engineering Co. Ltd decorated in the domestic decoration industry high-end brand's visibility and credibility.

The City Decoration Association Secretary-General Wenli Bei represented by Ms. industry associations to express my warm congratulations on the achievements of Shenzhen CSC Decoration Design Engineering Co. Ltd. Bei Secretary-General noted that: along, Shenzhen C.S.C Decoration Design Engineering Co. Ltd has always been the market as the center, the quality, safety as the lifeblood of business, strict engineering quality, the highest quality, so the brand. We use fast, efficient, high-quality of customer service. Meanwhile, the company "Quality is the root of the enterprise, integrity is the basis to business", establish a corporate brand, to create the core competitiveness of enterprise culture, to the professional excellence of philosophy, continuing to improve the management system, the pursuit of excellence, build quality, in the fierce market competition, the times, full of enthusiasm for the society to really sincere, perfect living space, has won wide recognition of the social and the majority of customers. In 2009, Shenzhen of CSC Decoration Design Engineering Co. Ltd to overcome the impact of the economic crisis, the difficulties, the output value from over 800 million rose to over 1.1 billion, to achieve high-speed development, the results for the national counterparts admired, Shenzhen decoration The industry has added a touch of bright colors. Bei Secretary-General's Message Shenzhen C.S.C Decoration Design Engineering Co. Ltd, in the future development, continue to adhere to the long-standing management approach, and constantly improve the quality of the project and management level, to contribute more to the development of Shenzhen Decoration Industry. Bei high appraisal of the Secretary-General and the earnest expected to win the applause of the full house.

Subsequently, the General Assembly of the four advanced collectives have achieved outstanding results in 2009, eight advanced individuals and 18 excellent project manager warm and grand recognition awards, and for participants to offer a different style variety show, singing and dancing, leading guests and employees to actively interact actively performing on stage singing and dancing talent, hearty computers, cameras, mobile phones, watches and other digital prizes for the party set off waves of orgasm, the successful conclusion of the party in a "memorable Tonight".



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