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Conran is acting to become the leader of the industry's low-carbon

Address climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions has become a topic of concern to the world. The United Nations climate conference in Copenhagen adopted the "Copenhagen Accord", formally announced the opening of a green and low-carbon era! Jiabao Wen pointed out that mankind's common mission: "to curb global warming and save our planet, every country and nation, every businesses and individuals, should be duty-bound to take action." As the Chinese practice of corporate social responsibility and in decorative the leader of the industry practice of social responsibility, Shenzhen of C.S.C · Conran Decoration Design Engineering Co. Ltd solemnly, actively committed to building the Chinese decoration industry, "low-carbon Enterprise", to promote the development of low-carbon economy and society to make their own efforts.

Promote low-carbon life, full participation, and enhance the practice of force

Shenzhen C.S.C · Conran Decoration Design Engineering Co. Ltd promote sustainable development, promote the optimization and constraint of some environmentally unfriendly, not optimize the efficiency of production and way of life. On the one hand, Shenzhen of CSC Decoration Design Engineering Co. Ltd. Kang Lan is committed to building environmentally friendly decorating business, to advocate green way of working with the corporate culture, popularize environmental protection knowledge, the implementation of the paperless office and other means, conserve resources, to eliminate waste. On the other hand, advocate the common practice of energy-saving, environmental protection, employees throughout the company. Saving water, electricity, section paper... Cherish create unlimited.

Advocate green decoration, strengthen self-awareness, and enhance the competitiveness of the industry

Shenzhen C.S.C · Conran Decoration Design Engineering Co. Ltd promote green decoration ideas to promote environmentally friendly construction techniques, help industry wave of green decoration. On the one hand, we strengthen cooperation in the high-tech environment-friendly decorative materials enterprises, the use of green, low-power decorative building materials. On the other hand, actively promote and promote environmentally friendly construction techniques, to enhance the quality of training of the employees, to build a professional quality, with professional skills, able to adapt to the team of professionals in the green concept, and strive to enhance the competitiveness of the industry self.

To advocate green responsible for shape values, the achievements of the force of corporate responsibility

Shenzhen C.S.C · Conran Decoration Design Engineering Co. Ltd prompt new decorative scale of values. In 2010, we will join more industries and enterprises, as well as decorative materials manufacturers, and actively promote green responsibility to boost green decoration full implementation in the industry. We are also convincing that today's a short step, will converge more social forces to form a powerful force to protect the people's livelihood and promote harmony, to promote the continuous progress of civilization.

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